Bioa pure organic description of me


Academic Never left the classroom

Bio a pure organic description of me

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, specializing in design management, strategy and implementation. I designed and planned a wide range of projects throughout my career from packaging and interiors to web design and applications. I am really strong in generating new ideas, identifying emerging trends, collaborating within a team culture and motivate my co-workers so as to achieve corporate objectives.

Last few years I am investing in knowledge of the new digital media economy, harnessing the power of social media and interactive advertising experiences.

Academic Never left the classroom

The Master of Arts in Design is the only interdisciplinary programme in Applied Arts in Greece. It validated by Middlesex University and is in operation since 2003.

It offers designers and artists in Applied Arts, from all disciplines, the opportunity to develop, through in depth personal research of their discipline and interaction with their colleagues, in an interdisciplinary environment. A balance between specialization and interaction is achieved through detailed and composite personal projects enabling them to delve more into their specialization, as well as group projects, discussion and critical analysis of matters investigating common areas of the unified field of Design.

Its interdisciplinary character, which is the main axis of the Masters programme, is ensured through a series of modules and group activities, with emphasis on the interaction between students from different disciplines, idea exchange, the exchange of methods used, the review of values and principles and the critical investigation of common areas in Design, in the broad Urban Field.

Celebrating 10 Years as Design Management Course Leader, AKTO MA in Design